Fire Wood / Logs 

Fire Wood 


Help with Staying Warm 

Wood-burning stoves are a growing trend, especially in the current fuel crisis. We can supply you with well-seasoned firewood and logs within the local area so your property can benefit from the toasty warmth they bring. 

We supply The Real Thing 

Our quality firewood logs are hardwood and are a much better alternative to manufactured logs you might see in shops and garages for sale, this is because - 
● Real hardwood logs give off more heat than manufactured logs. 
● Manufactured logs are made to burn more like a candle than a warming fire, as their main component is wax. 
● Manufactured logs produce more soot than real wood, making your fireplace dirtier. 
● They can also be used for BBQ nights at home and camping trips. 
Ask us today about stocking up on our hardwood logs! They even look great stacked up outside as a feature of your garden. 
In addition to keeping your home warm during the winter, our real firewood logs are also an excellent option for camping trips or bbq nights in your back garden. You can stock up on our hardwood logs, stack them up in your garden and grab them from the pile whenever you need to. If you spend less time searching for firewood, then you can spend more time having fun around the fire. 

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